Panda. Monks.

If there is anything that could get me to come back.


This might be it.


Pandaren Monks.


Kung Fu Panda in World of Warcraft.


That is all.


(I epically failed and posted this on my personal blog, you know the one where all my real life friends and family are subscribed. Great. That’s what I get for having 2 wordpress blogs.)

Big plans for the weekend, lots to be excited for. I get to go.. spend more money. I need to get my own car insurance… I had been covered under my parents’ plan but now that I’ve moved out, kinda have to get my own.

18-year-old male driver, that won’t be expensive or anything will it?

Hmm, if only I had some friends who worked at State Farm or something who could get me a deal.. *cough*


I also have to go sign a bunch of papers to live in the apartment I’m already living in.. 2 week deadline for that is.. tomorrow. So I’m going tomorrow.

Did I mention we’ve already gotten a noise complaint? It’s not my fault we live above a nocturnal cop and the floors are really thin. It’s ridiculous.


This week I was introduced to The Office thanks to Netflix on my Xbox. Pure epic. I can’t believe I’ve never watched it before.. I’m halfway through Season Two already.

I hear Steve Carell is leaving this year though 😦 sad panda. Is this true?? Why?? Will Ferrell is ok, but he just cannot compare.

Side note: My coworker in the cubicle right next to mine looks just like Pam. I wonder if she’s seen the show..


Caramel deLites are good, but not as good as Thin Mints. About half as good. Which is why I bought 2 boxes of Thin Mints. Yep.


I spilled Dr Pepper all over the shelf in the fridge last night. Fail.


This post is very random. Deal with it.


I’ve got Two-Step class tonight, and then live music and dancing at the Lumberyard with a very pretty girl. Be jealous.


Short post is short, but its Friday so I don’t care.

Have a great weekend. Don’t do anything Varosh Saurfang wouldn’t do.


1. I have a big nose. It is almost constantly stuffed with a ludicrous amount of snot. I have been told I snore louder than a dozen trains at once (by my new roommate). This obstruction of air flow in my clogged nostrils leads to trouble with breathing which leads to trouble sleeping, hence my lightheadedness and dizzyness earlier this week. All because of my nose. Go figure. However, this also leads to…

2. Near-imperviousness to spicy food. I have never really been a fan of spicy food. I just haven’t. Whenever anything came with peppers or jalapenos, I would ask for it to be taken off, I would only pick mild salsas, and that was that. Well.. in an attempt to clear out my sinuses, my roommate fixed up this ultra-spicy spiked salsa. He did not warn me about this. I really like chips and salsa, probably too much, but again I usually go for mild salsa.

I barely notice anything different. He just stared at me. He eats a couple chip-fuls, and he’s basically in tears. And this guy loves spicy food. He loaded up this salsa with jalapenos, cilantro, tabasco and some “el Diablo” sauce, and it didn’t affect me. There was just a slight spice on the aftertaste, but that was it.

I have a super-power. Now I just need to figure out how to use this to defeat evil and all that.

3. I love Thin Mints. Ok, who doesn’t?? But it is Girl Scout Cookie season (now made with 10% more real girl scouts!) and my coworker has about 2 hundred boxes at her desk. Yeah. So much for eating healthy this year.


Gratz to Shadow Rising on Omnitron and Magmaw!


Tauren Paladin Naming 101

I feel sicker than a dog.

Have you ever seen a dog that was so light-headed and dizzy it could barely stand up and walk? I certainly haven’t.

I’m really late on today’s post, so I’ll just do something short that will help the majority of the visitors to my blog:

Tauren Paladin Naming 101

As I have mentioned before, this is far and away the most common Google search term that has found my blog. Up until now I have only joked about it, but here are a few general naming tips.

Don’t name yourself Holycow. Seriously. You will laugh at it for about 5 minutes, then you’ll see a hundred others of your ridiculous brethren and you will inevitably log out and give up on that sad, sad character.

The Tauren are a proud and noble race, worthy of a magnificent moniker and of being subjected to a million lame jokes.

Paladins are also (generally) an upright and noble class, in search of some grand cause or something. If you take roleplaying even remotely seriously, do not ever name your paladin Plasticbag or Likmyponybut.

Side note on that roleplaying thing: I do not mean the total act-in-character bit or organizing massive roleplaying guilds and events. That is an entirely different matter, one I have no and desire no experience in. My kind of roleplaying is in understanding my character.

I can’t just level a character. He/she has to mean something to me. Not that I get seriously emotionally attached to them, just that they have meaning. I can’t just roll a warrior because the guild needs melee dps. It has to be more than that. Maybe he’s an orc who grew up with his buddy Draenosh (Can anyone remember what it means in Orcish?) and he always looked up to High Overlord Saurfang. (Side note: this happened. My first time after seeing ICC I rolled an orc warrior named Delefang)

Or maybe I’m a druid who has recently awakened from the Emerald Dream and who now wants to explore the whole world, see how it has changed, and how he can heal it. Delerius had been a dreamer, and I tried to go to as many zones as possible on him, complete as many quests as I could.

My paladin wanted to be tough. She wanted to show off how strong she was and how she could tank better than any of the guys. But in the end she got distracted by pretty shiny things and kind of became a princess-type. I found this obnoxious, and I haven’t really played her since.

I speak for myself, but I think the majority of WoW players would agree with me that this connection with their character is important to them. With this in mind, let’s get back to the naming…


Some characters are named for their heritage. I mean, people are. Just check out all the last names out there. You can only have 1 name in WoW, no first/last name combinations, but maybe your name reflects the family you came from? If so, take a look at other Tauren names.

From WoWWiki, quoting the WoW RPG:

The language of the tauren is often harsh and low sounding, which is reflected in the names of their children. The last name of a tauren is usually a family name, handed down through the generations. If the tauren has performed some act that has made an impression on the elders of his tribe, however, he may choose to take on his own last name to commemorate that act. Tauren have several names. They receive a name at birth and another during a ceremony to celebrate reaching adulthood. This adult name describes some event in their lives or some notable individual characteristic: for instance, Blackhide, Earthborn, Halfhorn, Hidemaker, Riverwatcher, Scar, Splithoof, Stormchaser, or Windrunner. A tauren may also acquire a third name that he uses when dealing with outsiders.

  • Male Names: Azok, Bron, Turok, Garaddon, Hruon, Jeddek.
  • Female Names: Argo, Serga, Bessey, Beruna, Halfa.
  • Family Names: Darkthorn, Thunderhoof, Stormhorn, Quillsplitter, Stonebreaker, Plainstalker, Spiritwalker.

Again, you can’t have both a first and last name, so you’ll have to pick one. If all you want is a first name, go hit the random name generator a couple dozen times. But if you didn’t like that, well maybe that’s why you Googled “tauren paladin names” 500 times.

For last names, notice how they are almost all compounds of 2 simple words. Either a noun and a participle, or two nouns.

An excellent example: “Sunwalker” would have been an amazing Tauren Paladin name, if, you know, that wasn’t the name of the Tauren Paladins. Don’t do it.

Starting with something sun/star/light related would be very fitting for a paladin. If you follow the lore of the Tauren however (or if you did the pre-cata intro quest), you may notice that the Tauren druids worship the sun while the Night Elf druids worship the moon. Elune is the moon, An’she is the sun. Or at least, that is what the lore says.


Maybe your character doesn’t have a remarkable heritage. Maybe he’s just a common cow from Bloodhoof Village. If he is not known for his heritage, maybe he is known for his appearance. I once made an albino Tauren druid, named him Sunpaw. He was all white, with the lighter horn color, and so his name both fit his class and his appearance. (He had a friend named Moonpaw, who never made it past level 10)

Or they could simply be named for their actions. Perhaps you vanquished the Palemane tribe single-handedly (hoofedly?) with a frying pan. Frying pans, who knew right? With said frying pan you bashed in the skull of the gnoll leader Snagglespear. From this example your name might be Snagglebane or Panslayer or Gnollbasher. And I’m sure you could come up with something better than that even.


One final note. Whatever you do, please please please please please PLEASE do not EVER use alt-code symbols. They are confusing, they frustrate your friends (as if you had any) when they try to add you to their friend lists, and they serve no real purpose other than to announce to the world “I’m not creative enough to come up with something better than what someone else already did”. Come on.


There you go. Tauren Paladin Naming 101. Enjoy.



The sounds of life died away as he strode further south into the forest. Here the trees grew darker and shorter, but closer together, casting ominous shadows in every direction as the sun sank in the evening sky. Darkness was falling, and with it a hush of silence as even the critters knew better than to make any sound that might give them away.

He was on the trail, following the supposed source of the gnoll invasion. The mystery of the glowing purple eye haunted his footsteps as he walked into the deep shadows.

But he was well accustomed to places much darker than this.Β  The terrors of the lower planes far exceeded anything this plane could offer. His pace was quick, but out of curiosity rather than nerves. Following him closely was his minion, a dark creature of the void.

He paused for a moment at the base of one of the dark trees, this one curiously straighter and smoother than the others. Muttering something in a harsh and gutteral language, he waved his hands in front of his eyes and shivered. The cold grasp of the fel sight hung around him like a cloak, allowing him to see what mortals dared not to.

His eyes fell at once on the tree he stood next to. It was not a tree, but rather a pillar of stone engraved with strange glyphs now visible to demonic eyes. He studied the markings carefully, discerning from it more information than any lesser mortal could hope to understand.

A frigid breeze whipped through the trees, rustling his robe yet not disturbing even a blade of grass. The winds of the nether touched only him, the wearer of the fel sight. He glanced around quickly, seeing no other anomalies, and dismissed the shroud with a wave. The breeze vanished immediately, yet he still shivered for a moment.

Even without the fel sight, he noticed now that there were pillars interspersed with the real trees all around him. He stood inside a massive ruin long since overtaken by the forest. Slabs of marble lay strewn around the forest floor, the remains of what was once beautiful architecture. This had been a place of great power, and even now he could feel its lingering traces.

He walked over the broken flooring and found a crumbling archway, twice as tall as he was and as wide. Beyond the arch was a raised stone altar, cracked and covered in vines. As he neared it, a burnt stench filled his nostrils, and he saw char marks on the table. Fresh marks. A deep red substance dripped slowly from the vines on the altar, pooling on the ground. The nature of the ritual performed here was becoming ever clearer.

A deep thundering noise broke the silence. It came from beyond a large marble wall, still intact, to the east. The thundering was repeated, and again in a rhythmic pattern. The source was some distance away, yet even from here the ground shook slightly.

Master and minion moved quickly toward the disturbance. As they approached they could recognize several distinct rhythms. Something or some things were moving in the distance.

Closer to the large, smooth wall the pillars and trees thinned out gradually, toward what would have been a very large courtyard in ages past. Their view was obstructed only by the wall, which now seemed to be a hundred feet tall at least, and stretching a long way into the distance on either side.

Up close, the marble was not as smooth as it looked from afar. Chunks were missing here and there, tiny chips and larged pieces had fallen all around on the ground. A large vertical crack appeared a little to the side, one wide enough for a human-sized figure to slip through.

The wall was thick, at least 10 feet straight through, and the crevice narrowed uncomfortably on the other end. Yet through the opening he could say what lay beyond.

A gigantic bonfire dominated the center of an enormous ritual circle. Rows and rows of smaller fires were set at intervals out in a circle at varying distance from the center. The flames danced furiously, spurred on by a violent wind. The ground itself heaved under the weight of several dozen incredibly large figures surrounding the bonfire.

The stench alone should have been a giveaway. The thundering roars, the bloated masses of flesh and disfigured faces illuminated by the flames only confirmed the terrifying truth.


Holy cow.

I made a post with the name “Tauren Paladin Names” and then my google searches exploded. Remember when I was talking about all those searches for stick figures in every possible variation? Remember that I mentioned there were also a ton of searches for Platinum Angel and Whispersilk Cloak?


Well Tauren Paladins completely blew that record out of the water.

Searches for:

tauren paladin names 20
tauren paladin name 11
paladin names 6
tauren pally names 5
tauren paladin tank names 4
tauren paladin 3
tauren pala name 3
best tauren paladin names 2

These are the top 8 searches for this blog, and that’s only counting this week!! There are also a ton of other variations with 1 hit each, but these are the top.


Because of the overwhelming desire for good tauren paladin names, I have dedicated this Thursday Three Things to the cause of the righteous methane-producing crusaders.


1. I am borderline OCD for symmetry. My Wow UI always reflects this, if there is a rectangle box shape on the left, there will be on the right. My minimap is almost always a square, because there is no circle to balance it on the other side. If I have my buffs on the right, my target’s buffs will be on the left.

(Note that this demand for symmetry does not apply to cleaning my room. It just doesn’t happen.)

Also with symmetry, I cannot tap my foot just once. Oh no. If I tap my right foot on the ground, I must tap with the left foot. If I tap twice with right, it must be followed twice with left. And then the pattern must repeat, again equally. Because of this, I try to avoid tapping in the first place to stop myself from performing some sort of tap dance spontaneously.


2. I have 2 teddy bears. Yes, I even took them with me when I moved out last weekend. They have very original names: “Teddy” and “Bear”. This limits me to only 2. I guess if I got a third, I could name it “Stuffed”? My Wind Rider plushy is named “Ari”, coming from the Hebrew word for “lion” which is “arioch”. Any resemblance to any other person living or dead is purely coincidental.


3. I earned the Gold Sunflower Trophy at 3am on October 20th, 2010. Yes, I stayed up that late just to play the awesomeness that is Plants vs. Zombies.



I See Old People

I’m sitting outside an Olive Garden at the moment.. there has got to be some old people convention in town because that is all I see here..
And I really hope there is a Red Hat Society meeting or else that old woman has really poor taste in color choices. Purple and red? Who does that?
I’m thinking Olive Garden was a mistake, but that’s what I get for going to eat with an old person I guess. If only they would show up…

(Side note: I hate it when you yawn and almost lose your gum)

I guess this could be considered a stream of consciousness post, because there is a slightly noticeable train of thought behind the insanity. Really.

But only I know it.

I have a personal theory, one that I can’t remember if I’ve shared it with you before or not (pretend edit: yes I have):

When a science, an orderly method of finding or communicating information, progresses to the point that only a select few can even comprehend the full meaning of it, you have created a science.

Music qualifies as art. It is almost impossible to reduce it to a simple science. Yes you can talk about the waves and particles that cause sound to travel through the air, the precise mechanics of each instrument as they produce various pitches and tones. But to truly understand the full meaning of music, there is too much to be a science. Music is art.

Political science. No. It is so complicated that only a select few even care to understand it anymore, it should be called Political Art.

Blogging I think, is now an art.

It’s not as simple as typing random words. Or even in researching various topics for the purpose of having a well-thought-out post (ha! like that will ever happen). When was the last time I had a serious post? When was the last time you came here for ridiculous amounts of numbers and theorycrafting?



In a way, numbers are both what make a game fascinating for me and what bores me to tears. I will explain.

I am a role-playing gamer. From the first time my dad introduced me to the old pen-and-paper to the time I found WoW, I love RPGs. The idea of upgrading my stats and attributes, whether it’s +10 to dragon slaying or +720 haste, or the difference between Remarkable (26) and Incredible (36) and the implications to my maximum True Flight speed.. I love those details.

But there is a point where those details become a grind. Enter Runescape.

I played Runescape for a good 4 years. I was seriously into it. My favorite part of the game was the quests, so much more involved than WoW’s quests. A quest was never “go talk to this person” and only incredibly rarely “kill 100 of these”. There were numerous steps, find this cave, kill that boss, collect these items, craft them into this, solve that puzzle, craft something else, use those crafted items in the right order to solve this other puzzle, then kill the final boss”.

Those were the fun quests. There were usually 2 or 3 new quests each month.

I completed them all. Back then there were 150 quests, I completed every single one of them. I got a shiny new cape to show it off to, it comes with a custom emote that involves lightning and floating in the air. Completely awesome. And then a new quest would come out, I’d lose my cape, then I’d finish the quest and get it back. I finished up to I think 175 before I quit playing for good. Now there is probably over 200.

What I did not like about the game, was the grinding. Correction: I loved it too much, which made me hate it.

Skills were insanely grindy. Take the Firemaking skill for example. The skill had almost entirely no purpose to it. Having level 1 Firemaking allowed you to make a fire out of “normal” logs which you could use to cook anything (except a few dishes which required an actual stove). With level 15 Firemaking you could burn Oak Logs. There was no real purpose, except that Oak gave more xp per burn. Level 30 was Willow. Again, nothing better except more xp. Then Maple, Yew, and Magic. (I don’t count Teak or Mahogany, in case anyone actually knows the game).

Willow logs were by far the most common logs used for training your cooking skill. This was because a very high number of players could chop them, the trees were commonly available, and they were cheap. Magic logs came only from about 6 trees located in the most inconvenient locations possible with very long respawn timers and low chopping rates. But they gave a lot more xp.

Burning willow logs gives 90 xp. Magic logs give 303.8

Burning a set of logs takes about 1 second. Then you walk 1 space over and start another fire. Then another. Then another. Inventories could only hold 28 items (no extra bags!) and 1 had to be used for a tinderbox, so you could burn 27 logs per load. Then you run back to the bank and get another load.

There is a ton of ash all around the banks in Runescape.

On average, a focused pyromaniac could burn through 1k logs in an hour. If you were using Willow logs, congratulations, you just earned 90k xp.

The maximum level, level 99, requires 13 million xp.

Let that sink in.

Achieving level 99 Firemaking with only Willow logs takes 144 hours of non-stop monotonous clicking.

Oh yeah, and what does this accomplish?


A level 99’er has zero advantage over a level 1 for all practical purposes. You do get a shiny firey cape, but that is it.

Did I mention Firemaking is considered the fastest of any of the skills to level? The others can take longer, in some cases much longer.

Here was my problem, I calculated everything. Knowing you only have 144 hours of monotonous clicking left to go does not help at all. But that was a simple skill, let’s try another one.


The Magic skill in Runescape was both a combat and a non-combat skill. Again with a max of level 99, each level unlocks some different spell, it might be a new level of an attack spell, or it could be some random utility spell. Every spell consumed runes when cast, and runes tended to be expensive. There was a separate Runecrafting skill to create your own runes, or you could buy them from others. To craft your own runes you needed Rune Essence, which you had to mine with the Mining skill, or buy it from other players.

I wanted to do it all myself, because I was not super rich in the game, and I wanted to actually make money off of this process. Here is what I was going to do:

Mine several thousand Rune Essences. Again, you can only carry 28 at a time (you could actually wield a pickaxe, unlike a tinderbox), and then you had to run to the bank to deposit them. If I remember correctly, it took about 2.5 minutes for a round trip.

Then I would craft these runes into Nature runes, needed for the Alchemy magic spell. Nature runes could be crafted, again in loads of 28, at about 3 minutes a run. 2 minutes if you used the slightly-dangerous shortcut.

The Alchemy spell turns an item into gold pieces, or “gp”, the currency in Runescape. Better items become more gold, of course. Far and away the most common items used for Alchemy were Longbows, because they could be crafted relatively cheaply with the Fletching skill.

Fletching uses wood chopped from the Woodcutting skill, as well as Bowstrings crafted from flax using the Crafting skill.

So here was my plan:

Mine ludicrous amount of Rune Essence

Craft ludicrous amounts of Nature Runes

Craft ludicrous amounts of Bowstrings (at least I didn’t have to pick the flax myself)

Chop ludicrous amounts of Yew Logs

Fletch ludicrous amounts of Yew Longbows

Use Alchemy on ludicrous amounts of Yew Longbows

??? Go insane???



I actually did this. All of these steps. For awhile anyway. Until I finally calculated how long it would take me to get to 99 Magic. I would of course get 99 Fletching and Woodcutting along the way, and be fairly close to 99 Crafting. Mining Rune Essence gives pathetic xp, and wouldn’t be all that close.

An insane amount of hours. Hours and hours and hours.

I bored myself out of the game because of my calculations. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So I found a different game. A game with stats and numbers and things to theorycraft about.

Out of nowhere, whaddya know I have like 4 months /played in less than 2 years.


I hope I haven’t bored you all to death. This post literally came out of nowhere. It is long enough, I will end it here.


Never Gonna Give You Up

For your listening pleasure: http://tinyurl.com/aqanwf

Renekton looks AWESOME but none of you seem to care about that.

Kennen nerfed, Heimerdinger buffed, Jax buffed?? Lux fixed, Pantheon nerfed (finally), Rammus nerfed, ok.


Last night I cooked up the amazing Beef and Broccoli recipe from @Asmenedas again, still amazing as always. It was double amazing, in case you were wondering. I may have gotten a few too many heads of broccoli, we will definitely have leftovers for several days.

Shocking broccoli is just the best thing ever. I don’t know if he would want me spoiling his secrets.. alright I will.

Full credit to @Asmenedas.

Fill the pot half way with water (don’t put the broccoli in yet) and bring to a rolling boil.
Fill the bowl half way with iced water.
This part is important. Once the water is really boiling, drop all the broccoli in at once
and let boil for about 45 seconds. With a slotted spoon or ladle, quickly remove all
broccoli and dump into the ice water. You can use the boiling pot for the rice you’ll want
to serve with the rest of the dish.
What you’ve just done is called Shocking. You might notice that the color became an
intense (for broccoli) emerald when it hit the boiling water. The brief time in the heat
made the flavor of the vegetable come out without losing the crunch, but it took away
what I call the “dirt taste” that many green vegetables have. Then the ice bath completely
stopped the cooking process so the broccoli is now very green, very tasty, and will hold
up to the rest of this recipe without coming out limp, slimy, and dirty looking. It will also
have all the flavor of everything else as well as itself. This is how vegetables should be
presented. Yes I’m a Food Geek, laugh it up. You wanted the recipe remember. πŸ˜‰ I
absolutely learned that from watching Alton Brown on the Food Network (when I still
had cable).
Okay now pull the chilled broccoli out of the ice bath and put in something just to hold it
until you need it. You can dump the ice water as well.

The broccoli really is the main component of this dish, but don’t quote me on that. πŸ˜‰

I just quoted you on that.

This cooking strat really works, so the next time you try some IRL powerleveling, check out this recipe if you can find the mats. (yes, this sentence was a feeble attempt to make this post wow-related)

The broccoli comes out tasting grate, but without being soggy and limp. The taste of cooked broccoli with the texture of raw broccoli, but better. And then when it’s in the soy and hoisin sauce, wow it soaks up so much of it. I feel satisfied just thinking about it. And I have leftovers to eat tonight πŸ˜€


On a different topic, I want to play Warcraft II. I really want to play Warcraft II. If any of my readers (all 2 of you, and no this joke never gets old) has an old copy of it, I would gladly pay shipping if you don’t want it anymore. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on YouTube and it just takes me back.. oh the memories..

Short post today, I’m going to try something different tomorrow, then Thursday Three Things, then an RP post on Friday to finish out the week!


Jacque isn’t at work today, so I have no one to talk to.. incoming rambling post!

This oatmeal is really good.

Why am I eating oatmeal? Because I can. I think, therefore I eat oatmeal.

It also means I went grocery shopping. Because I am now responsible for all my own food.

I have moved in to my new apartment.

I haven’t put the bed together yet, so I’ve been sleeping on the mattress on the floor. My dresser drawers are still all over the room. I set up my laptop though! (first things first of course)

My roommate and I went to HEB to load up on a ton of food.. at least 2-3 weeks worth (more if we count top ramen)

I will never complain about not having enough clothes ever again. You have no idea how much stuff you have until you have to move it. I got rid of half my closet of clothes, and I still have way more than I need. Insane.

I don’t go clothes shopping. I just don’t. Except for yesterday.

Mistake: taking your sister to a clothes store when she has a $75 gift card. It will take foooooooreeeeeever. I just stood around for an hour and a half pretending to look at dumb expensive clothes I didn’t like while waiting for her to try on 32 different things in the dressing rooms. Dumb. Lesson learned, never do that again.

The only reason I had even considered going was the ad I heard on the radio, $5 jeans for the weekend. I thought hey, that sounds decent, I could use another pair of jeans or two. Well, this sale is only on their clearance jeans, which for the guys’ section means you get 10 to choose from. None in my size, or even close. Great.

Stupid trendy clothes stores. My sister had warned me it would be 75% girls clothes, no, more like 95%. There were other non-clearance jeans of course, but those were like $20-30. I’m not going to spend $2o on a pair of pre-ripped “designer” jeans when I came looking for $5 jeans. I already have 2 pairs of jeans, I don’t really need more right? Dumb..

I hate clothes shopping.

The only kind of shopping I ever do is for computer games and books.

Or I guess I shop for groceries now too.

But back to the books.

I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas. Yeah, my family really knows what I like.

I considered at first getting a book on Android programming. I have an Android phone, and it looks like the language is similar to Java which I’m a little familiar with, but I don’t know. The book was also a fair amount more than my gift card, so I settled for a book on C++. I’ve put this off for I don’t know how long, and now I’m not sure why. C++ is the standard for game programmers everywhere. Sure there are some browser games in Java, and a few other fringe games in other languages, like Lua/Python (I mean seriously, who would do that?), but the standard is C++.

I already have books on Visual Basic and on Java, time to move up to the big stuff and just learn C++. Maybe someday I’ll actually program something. I’ll let you all know.

Notice I just said “you all” instead of “y’all”. I just don’t have a Texan accent. Lived here my whole life, you wouldn’t know.

I’m guessing no one is reading by this point.

Some kid thought I was 47 last week. His friends were all like “no way dude, he’s only like 27!”

Gee thanks, now I feel old. 27 is ANCIENT.

They would not believe me when I said I was 18. Whatever.

I’m hungry.

I actually brought my own lunch today.. kind of a personal crusade to not eat fast food for awhile. I’m aiming for a week at least.

(I’m not going to mention that the lunch I brought is a leftover Red Robin burger… oh wait)

So I’m kind of sort of trying to be healthy? Is that what I’m going for?

Something like that.

I intend to have some sort of a real post tomorrow, and then a continuation of my RP story from Friday sometime this week. I’m going to shoot for 1 a week, so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully someone out there enjoys them. Have a good Monday!